Thursday, June 1, 2017

Four Teachers out prior to Exams in West Bend: Act 10 keeps Bearing its Poisonous Fruit!

Like everything Republican, the list of their failed ideologically focused legislation will inevitably lead to huge problems in the future, where another set of legislators will have to repair all the damage. That will just take time away from dealing with a whole new set of problems. 

Act 10 Plundered the Public Investment Made in Education: Vindictive policies that took aim at the opposition party's biggest supporters, Democrats and unions, without any concern over the consequences of their actions is now hitting home for parents and students alike in school districts statewide.

The story below is just another example of the short sighted political gamesmanship from Scott Walker and his band of plundering legislative pirates, who are hell bent on defunding Democratic campaigns and privatizing public education. It has turned what was a thoughtful long-term investment in our teachers and schools into a waste of time and money. And that's "fiscally conservative?"
Yea, everything is fine...
JSonline: Everyone wants to know why 4 West Bend teachers abruptly resigned: Four of the six English teachers resigned Friday, throwing students into a lurch before finals and prompting vast speculation about the cause of the departures. Students appear most concerned about the teacher departures.

"Kids are outraged because we have exams coming up next week," said freshman Mackenzie Owens, 15. "All this week is supposed to be review and four of the six English teachers are not here. Especially being freshmen and being new to the exams this year, it's a lot of stress."
Many students like Owens feel the teachers were pressured to resign by the administration because they were complaining internally about a new curriculum the district is getting next year. The district declined to comment further on the personnel issue. An online petition led by students pleaded for the district to give the educators their jobs back. It had more than 625 signatures as of Wednesday.

As for the testing system, called Galileo, Owens said she felt like it was taking time away from her classroom learning this year. "With all the new testing, I feel like we're being taught how to take a test," she said. " A lot of teachers have this opinion, but they can't say anything about it."

Several parents said they worried that staff turnover would diminish the community's ability to attract quality educators and new families. "Last year my son had several different teachers for his math class," said Jody Erickson, who has a 16-year-old at West Bend West and a 19-year-old who graduated last year. "As a concerned parent, I want to know that our teachers feel supported," she said.

Others say the turbulence can be traced to fallout from Act 10, as well as what community members say about all the issues on social media.

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