Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Entrenched Rural Conservative Voters will Lose again under Walker's AHCA Waiver.

Rural resentment continues, unabated by Walker Republicans hoping to keep their majorities, even as debt spending increases and legacy public investments are abandoned and tossed off to private special interests. 

There was a hope that criticism of Scott Walker's policies would peak the interest of rural conservative voters enough to seek out the truth, but they instead dug their heels in even deeper and defended their party's "leader." 

Here's another example of how they're just going to get even more angry and resentful, while blaming liberals for being so critical. And they say they're forgotten, ignored by the government? They soon will be: 

WKOW: A new report shows Medicaid provides more health coverage to rural communities than Wisconsin's metro areas.

The study, by the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families (CCF) and the University of North Carolina NC Rural Health Research Project found that an average 34% of children in rural areas and small towns in Wisconsin receive health coverage through Medicaid and BadgerCare. That number is 31% in metropolitan areas. Medicaid participation is also higher for adults in rural Wisconsin, but by a smaller margin. The report lists 14% of adults as using Medicaid in rural areas, versus 13% in metro areas.

In light of this study, the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families also notes that since the Affordable Care Act took effect, the number of people without insurance in Wisconsin has dropped, especially in the state's rural areas. From 2009 to 2015, uninsured adults went from 15% to 9%, and kids went from 6% to 5%.

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