Wednesday, February 15, 2017

State Superintendent Challengers/Businesses have Plans for Privatizing Public Schools.

The privateers of our public schools just exposed their slimy underbellies. Ends justify the means/or whatever it takes to get the job?

It looks like the candidate challengers to State Superintendent Tony Evers just made it clear what really matters to them, and it ain't education. You can't make dirty politics like this up...:
Candidate John Humphries said in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal that during discussions between he and opponent Lowell Holtz about the possibility of the two working together instead of running against each other, Holtz proposed in writing that either he or Humphries should drop out in exchange for a guaranteed, three-year, $150,000 job with the Department of Public Instruction should one of them defeat incumbent Tony Evers in the general election.
Once the privateers eliminate the publically controlled schools, business responds something like this:
Humphries said the two met after speaking to "business leaders," who Humphries declined to identify. 

"It’s true that we had breakfast together. It’s true that a number of business people asked us to get together and discuss options for working together because they thought we would have a better chance," said Holtz. "There was no specific proposal. There were ideas that were thrown around. They were ideas."

How real is any of this and how outraged are these two challengers? What a circus. Here's the proposal:
 "suggestions from business people that were put in writing because the business people asked for them to be put in writing." - Holtz

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