Thursday, February 23, 2017

Scott Walker "wasn't going to let the NOISE of the protesters..." Noise? That's what those who challenge the government are to him?

It's good to know that real Americans can freely protest their government, just like the Constitution guarantees, but in an authoritarian winner take all dictatorship, just don't expect anyone to listen.
Scott Walker: "A reporter asked me, 'don't the protesters have a right to be heard?' I said absolutely. They absolutely have a right to be heard. This is America. Anyone can say or do whatever they want about the government. They can challenge the government no matter who's in power."
Wow, now that's America...but wait, you're government doesn't have to listen to their "noise,"
Walker: "But then I said to that reporter. I wasn't going to let the noise of the protesters drown out voices of the majority of people who elected us to do the things that we were going to do." 
Noise? Daily demonstrations where  20,000 to 60,000 average Americans protested...topping out at 100,000, not to mention 1 million recall signatures, and that's what Walker calls "noise?"

Walker doesn't really believe what he said at CPAC either. Like the title of his book, "Unintimidated" suggests point blank, he thinks protesters are trying to intimidate him, personally. What an ego.

So protesting, challenging the government, is one big waste of time. And oddly, all protesters are paid by George Soros, big monied special interests, and ordered around by union thugs. Not one or 10 Republicans in the crowd?

Esquire's Charlie Pierce described Scott Walker's bravery and authoritarianism this way:
Alone among the crowd of candidates, Walker most clearly is running on his record of being a complete prick to the right people – which include teachers and nurses and the people who clean up after Alzheimer's patients in group homes. He truly is a remarkable liar, already a far more remarkable liar than even Mitt Romney was, and I didn't think that was possible. For example, the evidence is that while he managed to ram his programs through his pet legislature, he hid behind his capitol police. He took a tunnel to get to the office. He and his pet legislature changed the rules of what was allowed in the Wisconsin capitol building, which always had been open space. He was unintimidated by singing grandmothers because his administration had them arrested and hauled away.​

And, it scarcely needs to be mentioned, when 100,000 of his constituents showed up on his lawn, Scott Walker did not deign to meet with them.

(And, you have to admit, it takes some big clanging brass ones to talk about "taking on the big special interests" a couple of weeks after giving $250 million of that sweet taxpayer cash to the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks, to say nothing of riding to victory three times on tidal waves of dark money.)​

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  1. Governor "Unintimidated" hid like a scared rabbit in the tunnels underneath the Capitol during the Act 10 protests. And to this day, has never held any type of "town hall" with people other than those who have been pre-selected or who have deep pockets. The guy is a fraud.