Sunday, February 5, 2017

Delusional Pro-Trump Ladies Ga-Ga over unfolding Disaster.

This is truly one of the most amazing interviews ever, where Trump supporters are virtually drooling over every ugly narcissistic move their dictatorial leader has made so far as president. No stumbles, no overreach, no constitutional crisis in the making...because, as one woman puked up, "I love him, I love who he is, I love his transparency."  

My conservative friend in Milwaukee said the same things these Arizona women were saying, totally in the tank for an authoritarian strongman...just like the founding fathers had envisioned.

Scarier still knowing other see things so much differently.


  1. What's delusional about them?

    Better to have a strong leader that defends this nation than a weak pussy like Obama or Bernie that undermines America on the world stage, starts color revolutions in Middle East nations, golfs all the time and doubles the national debt. Or Hillary who sells military secrets to China or uranium to Russia.

    The idiot progressives are the delusional ones. Its fun to watch you guys in meltdown mode not knowing what to do about it.

    I tried to have the discussion with you. Instead you censored my comments.

    1. Ummm, care to amend those statements after what Drumpf said to O'Reilly this weekend?

      Do you know how laughably soft and whiny that people like you and Drumpf come off as to people like us that live outside the Bubble? But if you were tough-minded and could see 5 feet past your own nose, you wouldn't be a Trump supporter, now would ya?

      Jake formerly of the LP

  2. Unbelievable!!! Maybe they are looking for a position in the Trump administration!!!

  3. Meltdown is a good word to describe what "liberals" see happening in this country. And you blissfully don't care won. Why the anonymous comment? Afraid or just hiding so no one will challenge you?

  4. "Why the anonymous comment?"

    Because the "leftists/communists" get violent and hostile when they can't defend their argument. Is there some reason in particular why you need to know my name?

    The true "liberals" are the libertarians like myself. Look it up. Get a clue. I know it's difficult to separate your country from your govern-ment. But try. It makes it a lot easier.

    Jake, I haven't watched the O'Reilly interview yet. Was there something you disagreed with in the interview? I don't waste time watching television. I work on empowering myself and the others around me. Only what I have direct control over. Not what I do not. Your comment is nothing but an ad hominem attack. Get back to me when you contain your emotions and have something logical to discuss.

    If you have a question about economics, finance, or the history of fractional reserve lending and banking I will be happy to inform you of the errors of your ways.