Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stossel's Cartoon Voice Inflections Make Everything Sound Horrific, Even Pre-School.

I never watch 20/20 anymore, and that overly whiny libertarian and crazy guy John Stossel.

But I did catch his report on the pending disaster of a taxpayer supported public pre-school. And what better person to talk to than a private pre-school owner protecting her turf. He even gathers together a bunch of zealot Republican women who love making sweeping generalizations about wasting taxpayer dollars and fictionalize things "liberals" are saying about them. You know, statements like, "parents are being told we're not capable of facilitating our child's learning...that bulls**t." Who said that? Maybe a whiny conservative private pre-school advocate who can afford to pay those hefty admission prices.

I know their full of bulls**t, because I just put my kids through pre-school, and it drained me. The way the economy is right now, I'd have to think long and hard to justify that expense now.

For the fun of it, and to demonstrate just how horrific Stossel's vocal cadence is now, I've edited together his endless drone and upturning voice. He is the personification of a whiner. If you don't end up getting too sick, I've also included the pre-school owner spouting every Conservative cliche' possible, like she isn't protecting her own business interests right?

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  1. Thanks for this! I really hate John Stossel and his horrifically whiny ass voice! I just happened to be looking for something about that whiny voice of his, to think of a word to describe it, and found this blog entry! Great! As a teacher in the public schools, I appreciate the fact-finding too!