Tuesday, March 17, 2009

76% of Americans Give Up on American Made Cars. We Don't Need those Jobs?

Isn't it amazing? While Americans fear the possibility of someday losing their jobs, they are more than willing to toss millions of people out of work employed in the auto manufacturing industry. Have we become so dependent on foreign made "stuff" that we don't care if American have jobs anymore? How short sighted have we become? Sadly, the slogan "buy American" is just a bumper sticker barely visible inside a block of scrap metal. I'm still stunned at the results of this recent CBS poll:

Americans have little sympathy for U.S. automakers facing financial difficulties. Just 18 percent think the government should provide them with additional financial assistance, and 76 percent think the government should not. Also, the public blames the automakers themselves for their current problems - by a big margin.

Sixty-three percent say the problems facing the big three auto companies are mostly the result of management strategies and decisions (up from 56 percent last December), while only 24 percent say the problems are a result of economic conditions beyond the automakers’ control.

I've been one of the more vocal critics about the American auto industry since the 1970's, but to let it die is crazy. An America without Chevrolet? Without Chrysler? What in the hell are people thinking?

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