Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Governor Hopeful Mark Nuemann says: Wisconsin to be "Tax Haven." The Cayman Islands of the Midwest?

How is it possible that so many conservative Americans missed what has happened, in the last 13 years, as a result of a Republican Congress and the Bush presidency? These people appear in the media ready to spread their happy talk about corporate tax cuts and free market capitalism as if the global economic crisis never happened. Welcome into the real world another conservative happy face, Mark Neumann.

Mark Neumann, home-builder and former Republican congressman, wants to run for governor in 2010. As governor, he said he would make Wisconsin a “tax haven” for both people and businesses. “So when people are making decisions on where to locate jobs, they will locate here in Wisconsin,” he said.

Wisconsin already has the 16th lowest tax burden on "business royalty." But for Republicans, anything greater than zero is way to much to ask of our corporate neighbors. When it comes to pollution, as Neumann explains below, we're competing with other countries that have little or no environmental standard. This imbalance is killing our states economic health and moving jobs overseas. This attempt to save American lives at the expense of a businesses bottom line is costly. Neumann has an alternative to strict environmental controls, which he doesn't get to explain, or isn't even asked about on the show "Upfront with Mike Gousha ."

With tighter and smarter environmental controls in place, businesses will have to raise prices for gods sake, keeping some people from buying their products on an impulse, or maybe not at all. We wouldn't want that.

Remember when you couldn't afford something back in the '50's and '60's? Didn't you hate waiting until you saved enough money to buy something?

Here in the new millennium, we don't have that problem anymore, thanks to our global markets. We have cheap labor making cheap products. Who needs to make a lot of money when you don't need to spend a lot?

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