Saturday, March 7, 2009

With His Plant Closed and Out of a Job, Letter Writer asks, What "if the Wealthy Fall?"

Isn’t if funny/strange how Republicans like Rep. Paul Ryan and County Exec. Scott Walker want to give more tax cuts, in the belief that it will create permanent jobs, when the days of long term employment have been declared dead. Where have these elites been for the last year? I suppose there's still some security clinging to the "free market" philosophy like a child's blanky, but isn't this a little extreme? There is comfort in numbers, no matter how small I guess, but it makes a person look so out of touch.

Despite all of there current failures, Republicans have at least succeeded in convincing a few sheeple that nothing is more important than acquiescing to the whims and dictates of our corporate friends. They may not be promising anyone a long lasting career in the U.S. economy, but they will lull you into a sense of false security, like the following letter to the editor writer in the Wisconsin State Journal:

Be grateful for the wealthy

Are you worried yet? Has the wealth of our nation fallen to the point that we 1 can't rely on taxing the wealthy enough to equalize our economy?

If the wealthy fall, whom then can our government rely on for revenue? Whom can we rely on for jobs? I have never been wealthy but have always strived to be. Due to a plant closing, I am in the midst of losing everything. Should I blame the wealthy?

Actually I blame our government, which tries to make everything equal for all by
confiscating wealth from the successful and giving it to those with less. I'm suffering, but I am not foolish enough to believe that taking someone else's money is somehow going to make my life better again. Once all the wealth is gone, then what? Will our nation be better when we are all poor and unemployed? We will all be equal.

"When all the wealth is gone?" It's amazing just how much power the poor have in this country.

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