Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bossie's Documentary "Hillary" a Campaign Hit Piece That will Test the Supreme Court Conservatives Impartiality.

Conservatives are a scandalous lot. If they wanted to, they could take down Jesus Christ by simply turning him into a Rev. Wright or a raving Marxist. But with Hillary Clinton they missed their mark. What they couldn't do is predict who was going to be the Democratic nominee for president. "Hillary" the movie was a preemptive strike at the presumptive nominee they tried to short circuit from the start. But the courts didn't allow it. Just by looking at a clip of the promo for the "documentary," it's clear what it was meant to accomplish, and why the courts banned the promo's during the election.

If there ever was a case that could shatter the "strict constructionist" interpretation of the Constitution, this would be it. For instance:

David Bossie of Citizens United argues: "The founding fathers didn't know that G.E. would be protected underneath their free speech rules because you guys have the media exemption. What they're saying is a person with a printing press who would print a pamphlet to discuss any issue of the day should be protected by the first amendment."

Of course the founding fathers would have never imagined TV, the movies or a political party on the fringes of insanity. Free speech does have limits, even though the founding fathers didn't enumerate them in the bill of rights.

Just imagine what you would think if a news organization cobble together a similar piece with the quotes included in this clip. Just how impartial do you think they were? And this movie, unlike Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11, is a personal attack on Hillary Clinton and is in no way similar to an examination of Bush's run up to the Iraq war.

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