Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why Isn’t Anyone Trying To Recall Milw. Cty. Executive Scott Walker? This Guy is Nuts!

Milwaukee County is in need of a lot of help, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to Scott Walker. No, really, we were in a recession and suffering from huge unemployment numbers.

Tax holidays and property tax rebates have always sounded good, but intentionally put off necessary change and progress. It’s a band aid promoted by single issue conservatives who think tax cuts for people with declining incomes or who have no job at all will somehow get them to buy more “things.” Hey, I have an idea, let’s give the jobless and nervous employees a holiday from the state sales tax so they can buy “stuff.” Then go after these same people for living beyond their means. It’s a circular argument that has somehow won these Republican zealots elections over the years.

Isn’t it time to give these purely philosophical lawmakers their walking papers? A recall election is not only called for, but should be part of an instinctual survival mechanism in all of us.
JSonline reported this appallingly irresponsible attitude from the peoples public servant, Scott Walker:
The clash over who gets to decide what federal stimulus money Milwaukee County should formally seek or accept erupted Friday, with supervisors saying they might take matters into their own hands so the county doesn't get shortchanged. County Executive Scott Walker's criteria for federal aid he would consider taking are so restrictive that they could eliminate virtually all projects, Supervisor Patricia Jursik told Cynthia Archer, one of Walker's top aides. Walker refused to nominate any county projects for stimulus aid in a preliminary round, saying he believed tax cuts would work better to revive the economy.
Think about it. These are tax cuts for a public fearful of losing their jobs and draining their bank accounts. Useless tax holidays have proven to be historically ineffective. It has been used in the past to supposedly get people to go out and buy “stuff.” But instead, that money is usually used to paying off bills or saved for a rainy day. Walker and fellow ideologues refuse to learn from history.
Walker has said that he would not submit projects for funding that didn't fit his criteria and would not allow staff to help supervisors with other project applications. Walker banned county administrators from participating. He also forwarded a list of 18 road projects for possible stimulus funding last month without consulting the board.

After all, why would Scott Walker need the input of others on the board when he knows what’s best for all of us? It’s a real pain in the ass when others are always questioning your authority? Right Scott?

If Milwaukee County misses the chance to normalize it’s crumbling infrastructure and at least retain the current job levels in the private and public sectors, voters have no one to blame but themselves for not kicking this repressive county dictator out of office.

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