Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Republicans, Like Bill Kristol, Ignore Future Economic Landmines. Hume: "..equally poor, or unequally rich?"

Want proof the Republican philosophy just doesn't get it about long term solutions that avoid future pitfalls? I witnessed this classic explanation from Bill Kristol about what he considers "wastefull" government spending on Fox News Sunday.

Kristol: "...huge government programs that have nothing to do with the recession. His energy proposal, cap and trade, his health care proposal..they have nothing to do with getting us out of the recession."

Fixing America's health care mess should be our number one priority. Fixing it will help bring the entire economy back into balance. And who wants to wait for another spike in gas prices.

Chris Wallace complains that the $1 trillion raised by increasing taxes on the wealthy is something Obama should apologize for, as he redistributes wealth.

But here's my favorite back and forth, between Brit Hume and Juan Williams:

Hume: "Remember this, the share of income taxes paid by the higher income people over the years hasn't gotten smaller under the Republicans, it's gotten larger."

Juan: "..because they're earning more money."

Hume: "That's what you want, isn't it? I often feel that Democrats and liberals would rather have everyone equally poor, rather than unequally rich!"

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