Sunday, March 22, 2009

Parks are Safe Again! No Guns.

Thank god!

According to the Washington Post:

A federal judge yesterday blocked a last-minute rule enacted by President George W. Bush allowing visitors to national parks to carry concealed weapons. In her ruling, Judge Kollar-Kotelly agreed that the government's process had been "astoundingly flawed."

She noted that the government justified its decision to forgo an environmental analysis on the grounds that the rule does not "authorize" environmental impacts. Calling this a "tautology," she wrote that officials "abdicated their Congressionally-mandated obligation" to evaluate environmental impacts and "ignored (without sufficient explanation) substantial information in the administrative record concerning environmental impacts" of the rule.


  1. What scares me is that I actually know a few people with concealed weapons permits, and the way I can describe each of them is "strongly opinionated with hair-trigger tempers." Just the type of people I want to see carrying loaded weapons.

  2. Your exactly right. I have two friends who haven't let any laws stop them from carrying weapons. Each of them are opinionated and have hair trigger tempers and personalities.

    I'm hoping that soon the media will include whether guns used in crimes were legally obtained or not, as a way of disputing the idea that law abiding citizens pose no danger owning guns.

    I have a feeling that a lot of these recent family killings involved legally purchased guns. But for now, we'll never really know.