Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rachel Maddow S P E L L S it Out to the Idiot Press and Republicans about Card Check

The Employee Free Choice Act, by virtue of its name, allows union organizers to choose between the existing secret ballot or conduct an open sign-up. The choice to choose a union would be left to the employees, not their bosses. So why do we have a problem? It appears that despite the fact that the unions support it, conservatives hell bent on destroying unions have convince those to busy to read the act, that it does something that it does not do. Another words, they've decided to lie. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow states the case for the act clearly enough for even the simple minded to understand. (below)

How effective are the Republicans with their ability to "propel the propaganda," as George Bush would say? It appears the folks at a major newspaper were too busy to investigate.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial

"...But the solution isn't taking away workers' rights to choose by secret ballot. That is attacking the solution, not the problem. While card check may well lead to more unions, it also may well lead to more intimidation and coercion on the part of union organizers. Workers' intentions would no longer be private, which would open them to all manner of mischief from the overzealous, including the risk of forgery or fraud.

Yes, management has some inherent advantages. Its language can be threatening -warning of closure, a plant move or job losses if contracts are signed. Employees can be compelled to attend sessions in which companies make their cases, while union meetings are voluntary. Coercion can occur and be difficult to prove, because companies either have on staff or can bring in expert help to combat union organizing.

No big deal, management has advantages...threatening closure...job losses...coercion by experts.
Hey, nothing wrong with that, systems working just fine, right?


  1. Actually, Maddow is the one who hasn't read the bill. Here's video of somebody actually reading the bill, which proves Maddow wrong:


  2. Your wrong. Because an anti-union group video tapes their interpretation of the language in the bill a certain way, doesn't make it so.

    First, if a majority sign up for a union, the need for a secret ballot is mute. DAH!

    But because this nut job and his former union stooge interprets the language wrong, this somehow makes it official.

    Plus, the employer is not the one directing the union vote, the employee is. As you can guess, companies are too happy with the "card check" bill.