Thursday, December 18, 2008

Unbiased Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate: "Conservatives vs Liberal Activism"

Upfront with Mike Gousha interviewed another strict Constitutional constructionist, conservative candidate Judge Randy Koschnick , for the upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election. So far, in the few media appearences he has made, he's repeatedly promised that will not legislate from the bench like most liberal judges. That's it. That is his claim of qualification. For example:

Koschnick: "You could have two judges who are not activist reach different decisions, but it doesn't happen as often between the conservatives and the "activists."

Uh, I think Koschnick should have said liberal, but intentionally said activist for "effect."

Koschnick continues: "That's why you see a lot of split decisions, and they normally break down along conservative v "liberalism"...liberal activism lines...."

The evil liberalism, not liberal philosophy, paired with "activism." This is a candidate for our Supreme court with an apparent axe to grind against the liberal idea of a living Constitution, a concept that historically has been debated since before the the ink was dry on the actual Constitution. Koschnick is apparently declaring his side the winner.

That's not all folks: Members of the Government Accountability Board say (conservative) Justice Annette Ziegler did not check with regulators before announcing her plan to create the trusts last year and then did not follow advice she was given. Also, Ziegler has not given the board copies of the trust documents or information about what assets she put in them (as required).-Wisconsin State Journal

And wouldn't you know it: Ziegler was reprimanded by her colleagues for violating ethics rules. She was the first sitting justice ever disciplined.

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