Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cavuto Does Hit Piece with Trib's John Kass on Obama's Ties to Chicago. Slow News Day?

Now that the right wing nuts failed to prove Barack Obama wasn't a citizen, what's next on their agenda of problem solving the issues America faces today? Are you ready? Is Obama a Chicago crook like a number of mayors and governors before him?

Do these people know the country is falling apart around them, we've been in a recession since December 2007 and people are losing their jobs and homes in huge numbers?

Fox News' Neil Cavuto talks with thug columnist John Kass from the Chicago Tribune about Obama's ties the "Chicago ways." Kass recreates a time right out of the Untouchables TV series, of crime, crooked cops and politicians. He begins by painting an unrealistic portrait of the publics perception of Chicago, saying the media created a fairy tale that Chicago was "Camelot," and they wanted Obama in to punish Bush. Really, I'm serious. Watch the video.

Kass went on to say the media made it seem like Obama was found as an infant by old Mrs. Daly, floating in a basket in the Chicago River.

The point made by Cavuto and Kass was simple, and completely irrelevant. Obama should acknowledge he is connected to Chicago's political culture, whatever that means. And it's time the national media starts acknowledging that.

Besides the fact that such information is common knowledge, could Fox News have interviewed a more ridiculous partisan thug from the financially troubled Chicago Tribune?

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