Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kevin Philips: "Well I think it's side and trickle down is gone for awhile.."

Bad Money author Kevin Philips declares trickle down economics dead, for now anyway, in a sit down with Bill Moyers. Philips makes sense, even for a conservative, and bluntly points out the wayward ways of the current Republican Party. If the party included people like Kevin Philips and John Dean, it would make for tough debates and a better country.

Right now, the party of (corporate) tax cuts is preaching to their 20 to 30 percent base of fringers. Sadly, news organizations still treat these people as credible sources of information and policy. Let's hope the contrast between Obama's common sense approach to government and the right wings extremist agenda is noticed by even the most casual observer.

Philips starts with his opinion on the dire warnings of Wall Street regarding the bailout money they so desperately said they needed.

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