Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saxby Won, America Looks Forward to More Filibusters and Obstruction

Republicans can celebrated a resounding win by Sen. Saxby Chambliss as a win for the Senate "filibuster," a ploy the Republicans vilified when the Democrats threatened to use it to block their crazy legislation. Now conservatives have a chance to prevent the country from moving forward and progressing out of they hole they put us in. That preventive measure will prove the Democrats can't pass legislation or govern, and believe it or not, the public will again fall for it hook line and sinker.

Chambliss portrayed himself as a firewall against Democrats in Washington getting a blank check. Chambliss seems to think the overwhelming win by Obama was a vote for obstruction and economic tinkering, leaving alone the free market freefall and crisis to work itself out.
"You have delivered a message that a balance in government in Washington is necessary and that's not only what the people of Georgia want, it's what the people of America want."

That’s right, the people of American voted in, a majority of Democrats to Congress and the White House because they wanted more of the same roadblocks and filibusters to get in the way of digging us out of the hole the party of carnival barkers have got us into.

You've got to be tired of the same old rhetoric...

Chambliss: "What you're gonna see is a lot of liberal judges, activist judges goin on the bench.."

Like that's any worse than having conservative activist judges "goin'" on the bench.

Chambliss: "I think you're gonna see a universal health care plan that'll take away the right of people to choose their physician, that they'll want to go to get treatment from..."

Think about it for a second; we're talking UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, meaning you've got coverage everywhere you go in the country, any doctor you choose in your plan or any doctor nationwide in a government plan. How can you NOT choose your doctor? How can they say you won't be able to choose your doctor when most insurance plans already tell you who you can or cannot see? I AM TIRED OF THE BULLS**T!

It's time we move past the party of partisan dinosaurs.

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