Saturday, December 27, 2008

Obama Still Not Cleared of Wrong Doing Filling Senate Seat? Republicans Say NO of Course.

Don't Republicans love it? Governor Rod Blagojevich still intends to drag some of the Obama team into court. So we can expect even more media speculation over Obama's vacated Senate seat. The featured Repubublican analyst, Cheri Jacobus, would still like to see the email transcripts the Obama team sent to the Illinois governor. But heck, Jacobus laments, Obama has the legal ability to keep those transcripts secret (Where was Jacobus when everyone wanted Bush's emails?). Jacobus has the feeling, something's not right. She's even wonders why Obama continues to use a "presidential seal" before the taking office. How uppidy. What a crook.

Aren't we all better off with the Cheri Jacobus' of the world keeping us safe?

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