Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Foreign Countries Bailing Out Their Auto Makers, Universal Health Care Advantage. Hey GOP, Still Want to Be Like Japan?

Republicans seemed to be oblivious to the differences between foreign auto makers and U.S. car companies. The different obligations foreign companies have to their employees when compared with the American firms. Think about it: A half a century of benefit obligations are being compared to a relatively new foreign car industry in the U.S., and years of health care promises for American retirees.

Governor Jennifer Granholm has to remind Mitt Romney of the health care disparity and the less than level playing field for foreign car makers receiving huge taxpayer subsidies for setting up shop in the U.S.. Sen. Carl Levin brings up the fact that the other countries are bailing out their own companies for their own economic interest. Gee, you think we might value our own manufacturing capabilities and want to preserve that?

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