Thursday, December 18, 2008

If You're Against the War, You're Against the Troops and You Support Throwing Shoes

What is it about the simple minded? Conflating anti-war with backing our troops is crazy, nonsensical and a problem for conservatives. Why?

Neil Cavuto recently primed the nationalism pump with Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, who's son Marc was killed in Iraq. She was outraged that anyone would throw a shoe at her leader and father figure George W. Bush. It just isn't right to insult a president who brought about such carnage and strife to those who are comfortably out of view of those who want to fight them over there.

According to Lee: " see them making a hero out of this man that insulted out president and insulted what our troops are doing over there...we have situations where we'll see it on the "main stream media" that promotes the anti-war protestors. It makes it sound like that's how all American feel, and it's not."

Actually, they do feel that way. The majority of American don't want us in Iraq anymore and are against war, not for war. Against, against and against war. Who the hell is for war? Lee is, because war and supporting our troops just go together.
The majority of Americans do support our troops.
That's true, unless of course they're liberal, and against war. Lee unflinchingly brings the two thoughts together. How does she and other conservatives do that?

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