Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Look at the Auto Industry Bridge Loan by Colbert, Olberman, Fox News and Republicans

It should be obvious to anyone watching; the Republicans want to see the auto industry go bankrupt to break the unions and go back on benefit packages earned and promised to laborers. It's an ugly side of the GOP many Americans are taking note of.

What is even more amazing is to watch these free market hypocrites criticizing car makers for not making the kind of environmental and mileage changes they should have, to keep up and compete with Toyota and Honda, while never mentioning their opposition to such policy changes by the government to force the auto industry to plan for the future. Which leads me to the featured video.

1. The GOP rips into bailout as bridge (loan) to nowhere, while Stephen Colbert sums up the banking industry with a well timed jab comparing it to a body part.

2. Then we see a Fox News pundit promise our lives won't be any different if the car companies belly up.

3. Keith Olberman updates us to the fact the already hypocritical GOP wants the industry to go back to the policies that got them in trouble to begin with by excising environmental changes and dropping lawsuits challenging emission standards. NO REALLY, I'M NOT KIDDING.

4. Colbert wraps it up with a little Christmas cheer.

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