Monday, December 15, 2008

Quick Notes: GOP Image Down, Alienation Index UP, 60% Say Health Care Gov. Responsiblity

Polling in late November 2008, less than a month ago:

In a November 21, 2008 Gallup Poll: "The Republican Party's image has gone from bad to worse over the past month, as only 34 percent of Americans . . . say they have a favorable view of the party, down from 40 percent in mid-October. The 61 percent now holding an unfavorable view of the GOP is the highest Gallup has recorded for that party since the measure was established in 1992."

Harris Poll: More Americans are alienated now than at any time since 1999. "The level of alienation is one measure of how well a society is functioning. . . . The Harris Alienation Index is clearly measuring broader societal trends, not just attitudes about what happens in Washington."

Q: Do you think that President Obama will or will not be able to provide health care coverage to most Americans who don’t have it now?
Will be able to provide health care: 50%, Won’t be able to provide health care:
40%, Not sure: 10
Q: Do you think that it’s the government’s responsibility to make sure that everyone in the United States has adequate health care?
It’s the government’s responsibility: 60%, Not the government’s responsibility:
36%, Not sure: 4%

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