Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Voters Get Message: McCain Ideology Responsible For Economic Freefall

This election has always been about the economy. When the rubber hit the road on Wall Street, voters might have been reminded of the philosophical positions of the one party who advocates little oversight or regulation; Republicans. Barack Obama has reminder.

Washington Post:

The Obama campaign's advertising folks have been busy in recent days, releasing several messages about immigration and the economy. One of the ads, airing in Pennsylvania and other battleground states, blames John McCain for the loss of hundreds of jobs at a Corning plant in State College, Penn. The ad cites three votes McCain cast in 1995, 2004 and 2005 in support of "tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas." It also cites McCain's 2005 vote against a measure that would have cracked down on China for manipulating its currency. The Obama campaign has circulated a report by the Economic Policy Institute that reports the U.S. has lost 1.7 million jobs due to the U.S.-China trade deficit, with 78,200 jobs lost in Pennsylvania.

"Barack Obama has no record of reforming government and does not know how to fix the current crisis, so he's going on the attack," RNC spokesman Alex Conant said in response. "Pennsylvanians rejected Obama's name calling and false attacks this spring, and they'll do it again this fall," he added

You can’t spin your way out of this one McCain.

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