Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Butter Boy failed The Sweet Corn Test in Wisconsin

As we near the end of sweet corn season, I almost forgot to vent a little from an experience I had with a sweet corn "gadget." With a chance to prepare my fresh cob of sweet corn faster, I bought a butter applicator from Bed Bath & Beyond called the "Butter Boy." It seemed so easy: Open the top, insert a stick of butter, and run it across those blushing yellow kernels of sweet sunshine. As you can see in the diagram, what could be more effortless? A miracle invention who's time has come?

Not so fast. The inventors might not have heard that the size of a butter stick has been standardized for as long as anyone can remember. As you can see from the instructions (inside the box), this clean, efficient and easy to use butter applicator was none of the above. In stunned amazement, this new devises butter slot was too short for the ...butter, and unbelievably, too narrow as well. Instead of just sliding in the butter stick, I had to cut the butter shorter, and slice off the sides so it could fit. And what was to become of the cutting boards pile of butter shavings?

What started as a $5.99 deal of the century, and a sweet corn eaters dream come true, turned out to be a "sucker-is-born-every-minute" nightmare for me.

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