Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Wins, McCain "Same Old, Same Old"

Here are some observations from the first debate:

Question: Is it a good or bad charactor trait for a candidate to point out the common areas of agreement instead of being in a constant state of attack? Would it display an ability to reach across the isle in a bipartisan way to bring change in Washington? Hmmm, I wonder...

Here's a great grouping of clips demonstrating the building anger, with music, of John McCain during the debate.

Finally, the elitist errogance of Republican John McCain, never even giving Barack Obama a passing glance.


  1. John McCain suffered unimaginably in service to the rest of us. When his sacrifices are denigrated or ignored by those who never endured such treatment, his anger is understandable. As in this case.

  2. Sorry, but I have never bought into the idea that because someone served time as a prisoner in war, that they become better decision makers, becomes more knowledgable or can never be questioned or wrong.

    "His anger is understandable" strikes me as a little unsettling. If it's pent up anger form his POW days I'm not sure I want that mentally unstable person in charge of our countries military.

    I'm tired of people who believe that their gut overrules intellect. After eight years of "gut" rule, I'm want someone smart in charge.

    Thanks for your imput.