Monday, September 29, 2008

This is Our President

This is Bush in front of the American people, our father figure, warning everyone of the impending danger. He's the protector, shielding us from corporate greed and corruption, brought on by a Republican Congress that provided no oversight and a president that never used a veto.

This is the president of a party that believed in small government and few regulations. A party philosophy where the good stay in business, and the bad get their just due. A party that takes it one day a time, never wasting one precious moment, not one precious dollar on preventive measures or planning ahead. A party that uses what has been given to them by previous generations, without ever maintaining or replacing that crumbling gift for future generation to enjoy.

This is a president that wants to help save us from something he and his party have worked years to create, a sense of helplessness and insecurity, so Americans would look to them for protection. This is a president that doesn't think he's at fault or that he should be held accountable. Here's a president that thinks history will look kindly on his years in office.

This is a president...?

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