Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Desperate McCain Calls Off Campaign, Debate. No One's Fooled

This breaking story involving the suspension of the McCain campaign and presidential debate struck my very born again conservative friend the wrong way, and he called and alerted me to his feelings of outrage.

He felt manipulated at the transparent political ploy. If McCain were sincere, his announcement would have been short and sweet, but that didn't happen.

Watch in amazement as Mcacain Sr. Policy Advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer bobs her head yes, dripping with insincerity, politicizing the situation minutes after the announcement. Watching this cold, calculating carnival barker, nodding yes, reminds me of Super-Marionation and some of the female characters in Fireball Xl5, Supercar and Stingray. This time though, we know who's pulling the strings

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