Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How Wrong Were Republicans On Economy, Hannity Explains To Robert Kuttner

Combing through a list of unused clips, I couldn't help taking another look at this from Hannity & Colmes. Since I never used it, I was ready to delete it ... until I realized it was a perfect example of Republican ideology and how twisted their world view is.

They are in your face elitists, as demonstrated here by the unprofessional attacks on a fellow American, Robert Kuttner, who has written a book on Barack Obama entitled "Obama's Challenge." If you support anyone other than a Republican candidate, you're beneath them. It's funny, the vicious attacks and denigrations show conservatives for what they really are, elitists.

Robert Kuttner holds his own, and says what a lot of us wish we could say to the Fox News bloviator, while at the same time eliciting from Hannity the incoherent anger and vacuous nature of conservatives talking points.

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