Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Media Is Now Onto McCain Campaign Lie Machine

The media is fed up with the McCain campaign lies, especially after falling hook-line-and-sinker for the phonied lipstick outrage, where they are now taking issue with their actual media manipulation.

Even Fox News seems to be attempting to gain back what little credibility they had left with tough FOLLOW-UP questions that turn Republican operatives into literal "deer in headlights." I am emphasizing follow-up questions because that's really all that has been missing in covering actual news. Instead of allowing the he said/she said debate to go on as usual, each side is now being asked to explain their positions. It tough to do when all you have for substance is a talking point.

Chris Matthews has been gaining some ground grilling sycophantic guests, who talk a good game, but has little else to back up their statements. This clip shows what a follow-up question can do to expose a trail of lies, and how the BS continues despite the media scrutiny.

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