Thursday, May 10, 2018

Republican Leah Vukmir says Tammy Baldwin on "Team Terrorists" with 9/11 planner Khalid Shaikh Mohammed!!!

We thought it was crazy when GOP Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson said that serving in the military is "something conservative," and that the "battlefields in Iraq" prepared him for Main Street America. Well....

Surely the Republican base won't be duped by this jaw-dropping, bizarre, Onion-like graphic put out by State Sen. Leah Vukmir, declaring Democratic Americans like Tammy Baldwin are terrorists working with KSM?

That "safe place" for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed? The US vacation spot and prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Surprise...can you believe...?
The conservative outlet "Right Wisconsin" harshly criticized the image, calling the attack "an irresponsible campaign blunder."
I should mention that Vukmir's "Team America" is an insane film from the creators of South Park, made up of puppets (marionettes) (appropriate?) fighting terrorist to the memorable theme song linked here...(WARNING: explicit lyrics) The "F" mentioned below is part of the phrase, you guessed it, "F**k Yeah."

Vukmir's total embrace of Trump's America and the use of the war crime torture tells you just how far right and radicalized these uber-Republican candidates are now. As cartoon-like as they make themselves look, nothing is too extreme. Promising to be another Trump rubber stamp, Vukmir praised nuking the Obama Iran deal, ripping Tammy Baldwin, and indirectly France, Britain, and Germany;

Vukmir digs in...but don't all Republican blunderers?
Vukmir: “When the 9/11 mastermind — Khalid Sheikh Mohammed attacks Gina Haspel, an eminently qualified woman who would be an excellent and historic choice to lead our CIA, Senator Baldwin is nowhere to be found. If this is what it takes to get people talking about Tammy Baldwin’s liberal record and her tendency to disappear and not represent us then so be it."
Looks like Vukmir is the one who believes Sheikh Mohammed should be taken seriously, not Baldwin.

Obama's reaction? While Trump's move played to his "base" again (who are these people), Obama offered up these two remaining nightmarish possibilities:

Trump Republicans have basically erased everything America's first black president did:

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  1. And the Republican Party of Wisconsin just endorsed this sleaze.

    THIS IS WHO THEY ARE. And there are no "good ones."

    Jake formerly of the LP