Thursday, May 10, 2018

AG Brad Schimel Love's Hate Group...for their vision of "better love in the world!!"

The days when Republicans can be a part of any hate group, militia or anti-American conservative think tank without any consequence are over. 

To start, AG Brad Schimel is a bumbling incompetent. Proof? Can you hate gay marriage but still want "better love in the world"? Schimel says yes:
Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel defended his appearance at a West Coast conference put on by the Alliance Defending Freedom, saying the conservative Christian law firm that opposes gay marriage is trying to build “better love in the world.”
Huh? To Schimel, this group might hate homosexuality and want to throw them all in prison...but if they love heterosexuals, what's the beef? 

Still, Schimel may try, but can't explain his way out of attending an "extremist organizations" conference. 
The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights advocacy group, has classified ADF as an extremist organization that supports criminalizing homosexuality and believes a “homosexual agenda” seeks to undermine the family and Christianity. (In) a book ADF founder Alan Sears co-wrote and published in 2003 ... refers to the “homosexual agenda” as the principal threat to religious freedom. More recently, ADF helped write a Mississippi law that lets government workers and private business people cite religious beliefs to deny services to LGBT people.
To Schimel, his social experience at the conference meant more to him than anything this ugly bigotted group plans for the country. And despite the group's actual classification as a hate group, Schimel was filled with love...:
(Schimel told) WTMJ-AM radio that ADF isn’t a hate group. “I’ve never gone to a conference where there was frankly so much love. This is a Christian organization, kind of an alliance of Catholics and evangelicals, getting together to focus on issues about how we build better love in the world.”
Democrat Josh Kaul, Schimel’s opponent, said this about Schimel's wonderful conference experience.

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