Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Walker's CWD Hotline?

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  1. This is an experience that I just had. I have an old dehumidifier I need to recycle. I know Best Buy takes recyclables. Their website said they didn't take dehumidifiers so I decided to call their corporate headquarters to find out if they had any idea of where I could take it. I got passed from person to person because no one knew. I finally got handed off to the Geek Squad when I finally said enough. I decided to call our Department of Natural Resources here in Wisconsin. The gal could not tell me where to take the dehumidifier to have it recycled. She was not of much help. I finally called the government office of where I live. She did give me information and a phone number to call where I could take the dehumidifier. I just think it's very sad what has happened to our state government agencies under Gov. Walker.