Monday, May 14, 2018

U.S. 4th Graders take 6th place in International Reading!!!

Public education was never on its last leg, that's just what privateers wanted you to think. Oh, and there's that guilt trip about being a good parent, that instinctively know whats best for their kids in school. No educator is going to con you into Common Core.

So after conservative states and school districts renamed Common Core - but kept the basic standards in place - public education kept getting better, thanks to our underappreciated dedicated teachers that still don't get paid what they're worth. It's the "e-Progress in International Reading Literacy Study:"  
EdWeek: U.S. 4th Graders Surprise on New Exam of Online Reading ... International results leave some 'elated'

U.S. 4th graders performed surprisingly well on a new international test of online reading ability, outperforming their peers in 10 of the 15 other educational systems that participated.

"We were actually elated," said Peggy G. Carr, the associate commissioner for assessment at the National Center for Education Statistics, during a discussion of the results at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, held here this month. "I think it's very clear that our students are more savvy than many of us have given them credit for," Carr said.

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