Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Wisconsin State Fair Park conditions Declining! So what is Scott Walker doing as governor?

Having been Milwaukee County Executive, you'd think Scott Walker would have been on top of the State Fair Park's importance to the local economy...but you'd be wrong again. Maybe he just hates Milwaukee? Yes.

First, let's keep this very important failed Republican idea in mind:
The Legislative Audit Bureau has been the source of some bad news lately for Republicans and the the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation they created in 2011. Now, two GOP lawmakers, State Reps. David Craig, R-Big Bend, and Adam Jarchow, have a solution: eliminate the bureau. 
Fast forward to today and this scathing Legislative Audit Bureau's State Fair Park report. Wow. If only we didn't know about this. Oh well. Just what is Scott Walker doing?:

Dear Senator Cowles and Representative Kerkman: We have completed our evaluation of State Fair Park, as requested by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee. State Fair Park, the State’s 190-acre fairgrounds located in the cities of West Allis and Milwaukee.

1. We found that State Fair Park does not have a comprehensive, long-term plan for assessing the condition of its primary grounds and facilities or a formal plan for the future use of the Milwaukee Mile racetrack, which has generated substantially less revenue in recent years because it has not hosted a major racing event since July 2015. 

2. State Fair Park indicated that it has independently managed midway operations since 2012 ... However, we found that State Fair Park has not maintained adequate information needed to assess the financial effects of continuing to independently manage its midway ... we found that it was not officially delegated this authority by the Department of Administration. 

3. In addition, we found that State Fair Park lacks complete and accurate management information needed to effectively oversee its contracting processes, and it has not consistently followed proper procurement procedures. 
Again, Republicans didn't want to know and didn't want you to know about any of these problems. And they certainly didn't want to have to answer to the State Legislative Audit Bureau. Now you can see why;
4.We make several recommendations, including that State Fair Park improve the amount and type of management information it maintains, improve its procurement practices, undertake a comprehensive review of its primary grounds and facilities, improve contract oversight and cash management practices, and enter into a statutorily required memorandum of understanding with the Department of Tourism to which it is attached for administrative purposes. A response from State Fair Park’s chief executive officer follows the appendices.

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