Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Conservative Judicial Activism on trial!

Conservative judicial activism is shredding our advancing civilized society. Just a few examples come to mind...
1. Money is Speech: Citizens United was an amazing overreach, surreal.
2. Corporations are People, with constitutional Religious Rights since Hobby Lobby.
3. The Second Amendment reinterpreted. Overturning a century and a half of established law.
4. Voting Rights. A stake through the heart of the core provision of the Voting Rights Act.
5. Supreme Court ruled police officer cannot be sued for shooting Arizona woman in her front yard. This opens up a free wheeling justification to shoot first by law enforcement.
...just to name a few. Wisconsin's court is a conservatives wet dream, with laughable GOP moments like these...

1. The unresolved 2012 complaint of misconduct by the Wisconsin Judicial Commission against Justice David T. Prosser, Jr., one count towards a lack of proper decorum and civility by telling the Chief Justice”—then Abrahamson—“in the presence of other Justices, that ‘you are a total bitch.’ ” The other count involved Prosser putting his hands around the neck of Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. (he “put his hands around my neck, holding my neck as though he were going to choke me.”)

2. The conservatives on the court eviscerated its standard for recusal ... A justice is not required to disqualify himself from a case even when one of the lawyers or the parties made a campaign contribution to him or an independent expenditure on his behalf during an election. Chief Justice Patience Drake Roggensack wrote for the conservative majority, “We elect judges in Wisconsin; therefore, judicial recusal rules have the potential to impact the effectiveness of citizens’ votes cast for judges. Stated otherwise, when a judge is disqualified from participation, the votes of all who voted to elect that judge are cancelled for all issues presented by that case.”
Wisconsin's a Leader - Running Strict Conservative Constructionist Judges: Armed with well established far-right mindless "truths," righteous Republicans poisoned the judicial branch with politics. WPR's Shawn Johnson found some amazing clips documenting just how this happened. Here's the audio, featuring these now forgotten nonpartisan words from former Justice Louis Butler back in 2008:
Butler: "I think it is inappropriate for a judge or a justice to tell you I'm a conservative or a liberal or I'm a candidate of big business or law enforcement or labor or whoever...because you're trying to send a signal that if you vote with me I'll vote with you. And that's not what the justice system is all about."  

Because the law is strictly a conservative thing now, Screnock can say the most outrageous Republican cliches without hesitation. And Walker voters love smearing this sh*t in everyone face:
Screnock: "She is not only dancing along the line, she's crossed the line...what she is calling values is a liberal activist agenda."  

Will the now Borg-like WOW counties valiantly support another judicial attack on our system of law? You bet.

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  1. Until Walker bites them in the ass with his policies ( and perhaps he has- they are to blind to see it) )they will continue vote R .