Thursday, April 12, 2018

Republican blames Deficit Explosion on "the thing that Washington always does," not Massive Tax Cuts!

Here they go again. Remember when Republicans distanced themselves from George W. Bush because of the Great Recession and endless wars? They never really liked him I guess.

Republicans Regret Deficit-Increasing Tax Cuts? Yup. Republicans never intended to increase the deficit with their massive tax cuts, believe it or not. Even after the CBO warned them.

Best and Most Embarrassing Tax Cut Walk Back: Republican Rep. Jim Jordan's laughable regret is a wonder to watch:
Jordan: "I'm very bothered by it...yet we did the thing that Washington always does, the swamp always does, we just said let's just spend more money on everything, push the bill off onto someone else in the future. Yea, I'm very concerned about it, every member should be concerned about it. 
Retire nonsensical "Letting People Keep more of the Money" bullshit: Jordan goes over the top justifying the upcoming huge $1.9 trillion dollar deficit by claiming to "let people keep more of their money?" Uh, until they have to pay that and the rest of the debt back?
Jordan: "So I don't buy into the idea that letting the American people keep their money is somehow a cost to the government. I think it is just good policy letting you keep what you earn, letting the economy grow...
...ready for it? Take it away Jim Jordan...
Jordan: "The problem with the deficit and debt is spending, it's not letting people keep their money, it's not tax cuts, it's spending. Those tax cuts are good, they are going to produce better economic growth, we know that, and people are going to keep more of their money...the problem is spending."
And who did the spending? Jordan already said it; the Republican swamp.

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