Friday, April 6, 2018

Vukmir's fight against Union Thug Teachers, but wants to arm them?

With one son in 10th grade and another a UW freshman, I know more about schools than most Republican legislators. They're still acting out in anger over how it was "way back when" when they were in school. Uh, no comparison...lots have changed.

Leah Vukmir, warrior against Union Thugs-Teachers: Believe it or not, Republicans have unearthed the image of union thug teachers again, even after the teacher heroics we saw during a number of school shootings.

APWisconsin Next PAC, with close ties to Gov. Scott Walker, has launched a $575,000 television advertising campaign running statewide in April. The TV spot also credits Vukmir with leading the fight to pass Walker's Act 10 law in 2011 ... The ad calls opponents who protested against it "union thugs" who tried to "bully Wisconsin conservatives."
Poor Wisconsin conservatives, bullied by "self-esteem" "protecting" teachers...
Five months after Columbine, Vukmir wrote that massacres would continue until educators and parents overcame their “preoccupation with protecting [teenage] self-esteem.”
Check out Lawrence O'Donnell's piece on the "union thug" teachers who became the frontline defense for OUR students. A powerful piece that is still sad and difficult to watch. Wisconsin Next PAC and Vukmir are shameless:

Oh, and Walker isn't endorsing Vukmir?
...but his wife Tonette Walker backs Vukmir and their son works for her campaign.
Vukmir against "Self-Esteem"? It's must make Vukmir angry to see these confident, civic-minded outspoken students simply trying to feel safe within their schools:

Wait, Students Love Vukmir's Plan? Vukmir tried to distract from this nationwide movement with this, despite public opposition to arming teachers and having guns in schools:
...rather than heeding the students' calls for commonsense gun safety reforms ... Leah Vukmir endorsed arming teachers and putting guns inside classrooms -- a position opposed by 56% of Americans. Vukmir doesn't believe that guns are a leading factor in school shootings. Instead, Vukmir insists, the real problem is "school programs aimed at coddling teens" and what she calls the "self-esteem movement."
Oh wait...

Vukmir is simply echoing the following incredibly surreal position of hard-right conservatives below who want the benefits of being an "adult," but none of the responsibilities:

Yikes, Vukmir already outraged over Kindergarten Reading, wanted Proof it Worked? State Sen. Vukmir's own Facebook video shows her superficial and skewed impression of public education. She voice outrage over a reading program for...kindergarteners? Really? Vukmir already knew more about the childhood reading curriculum than the school's educators.
Leah first became politically active when her daughter was learning to read. As an involved parent, Leah asked her daughter’s kindergarten teacher a question that seemed like common sense: “Can you show me the research behind this reading program?” That question landed her in the principal’s office, and then the superintendent’s.
With privatization on her mind, she apparently never respected or understood the teacher explanations that may have conflicted with her own agenda. And by the way, what Vukmir describes is the kind of public accountability we expect from teachers, principals, and superintendents, and they came through with flying colors despite Vukmir's lack of appreciation.

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  1. She is a horrible human being. Can you imagine having Ron Johnson and Leah Vukmir as our senators? Outside Dixie, that would be be the worst delegation of senators in the country.