Wednesday, April 11, 2018

What Far-Left "Hate" and "Anger?"

Just once I'd like the news media to get a slick politician like Scott Walker to provide an example, just so the voting public can see for themselves, what he considers liberal anger and hate.

Just one example please from any one of the candidates running for governor? Or maybe just one of the candidates running in the special election or upcoming November elections?

Criticism...Hate, eh, it's all the same? We may not be asking Walker about "anger" and "hate" and his campaigns sharp focus on that ol' divide and conquering strategy, but WKOW's Emilee Fannon did question Walker's comment by asking NextGen America's Tom Steyers about it:
Steyer: "There's no anger and there's no hatred involved, in fact, we're trying to pull the country back together."

Steyer defended the tweet by asking when the last time the Koch Brothers were on a college campus.

“When’s the last time the Koch brothers were on a campus and explained what there doing or explain what their spending and how and why. Fact of the matter is that I do believe money is very corrupt in American politics, I personally show up and also make sure everything we do doesn’t benefit me or impact my personal income."
It's easy to see from Steyer's comment above that he's an "extreme billionaire activist" pushing his "far-left" agenda. Those outside billionaire's and their money, what could be worse...?

In an email from Kate Doner, who was raising money for Walker, to Gilkes, Johnson and Walker, she spells out the fundraising plan: “Take Koch's money -Get on a plane to Vegas and sit down with Sheldon Adelson. Ask for $1m now. -Corporations. Go heavy after them to give. -Create new c4. Club for Growth name has issues."
No one wants these outside billionaire activist donors pushing their agenda in Wisconsin...right?
In addition to Adelson, there was business magnate Carl Icahn who was approached for $100,000 though nothing in the files indicates that he donated; the hedge-fund billionaire Stephen Cohen, who arranged a wire transfer of $1m; and Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone who gave $25,000.

Maybe voters are catching on? It's been public knowledge now for a while...

And the money keeps pouring in from out of state:

The Republican Governors Association says it booked the television ads throughout Wisconsin for five weeks leading up to the Nov. 6 election. Walker, who was the group’s chairman in 2017, is running for his third four-year term as governor.
Walker is aware a lot of this has been publically documented...sorry, showing his millionaire/billionaire donor list must be what he calls "hate:"

And about that out-of-touch "far-left" agenda, which must be everything not far-right, the angry special interests must be stopped?

But the American public said...

As for Wisconsinites...

One more thing about Wisconsin's homegrown presidential material....

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