Friday, October 20, 2017

Former Sheriff Clarke's latest Slime trail....

With Gen. John Kelly trashing a black congresswoman for speaking up against Trump's insensitive comment to a Gold Star family, and wishing to go back to a fictional past where women were considered "sacred," isn't it a bit ironic coming from a Republican administration that thinks nothing is sacred?

Let's start with another Wisconsin embarrassment that doesn't seem to want to go away, former Sheriff David Clarke. Again, is nothing sacred?

Clarke wasn't done trashing irony, and abandoning the idea of "sacred" women...


  1. While I really think Clarke is a buffoon trying to fit in with our status quo from a right-wing standpoint, I sure wish Wilson wouldn't sport the same plastic cowboy hat that Clarke does.

    I live in a rural Wisconsin setting, and nobody wears these fake, stiff hats that are supposed to make you look country. It's like people who want to appear on TV and think they represent some imaginary demographic by wearing a Cheesehead.

    Enough with the dumb symbolism. Media should not prey on these people, and should be allowed to state their case without needing dumb cowboy hats.

  2. Who is Gen. John Clark?

    And why do you hate women?

    Geez, proofread your article before you post it.