Tuesday, October 24, 2017

It's Official: Republican Terrorists running Wisconsin!!!

Uh oh, Republicans no longer have the Democrats to blame for everything, to vilify and to rescue us from.

Hey wait, here comes Rep. Robin Vos, he'll give us someone to hate:
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has apologized for using the term “terrorists” to describe three Republican senators who struck a last-second budget deal with Gov. Scott Walker. In a WISN-TV interview on Upfront with Mike Gousha, Vos blasted Chris Kapenga, R-Delafield, Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, and Duey Stroebel, R-Saukville — for making what Vos called a “backroom deal.”
Vos: "Frankly I wish Gov. Walker had not negotiated with terrorists, I think that's a bad way to operate the legislature..."

Mike Gousha: "Terrorists, you called them rogue Senators and terrorist..."

Vos: "That's what they are."
Here's the video below, and WISC report. See if any of this sounds familiar, especially when Republicans have used this ploy against Democrats just to make themselves look good...tables turned?

Sen. Steve Nass: "He needs to portray the 3 of us as troublemakers, obstructionists..."
Been there Steve. How does it feel?

Alert: How crazy it now to see the news media include the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity as a source telling Republicans how they should act?
Nass and Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin, the influential Koch-funded conservative advocacy group, also called on Vos to apologize. “Vos choosing to take this to a level so personal is severely inappropriate,” Kapenga said.
I'll let you catch your breath.

Make no mistake, Steve Nass is also one of the legislatures biggest assholes and enemies of public education. Thankfully, Nass' arrogance gave us another important insight into how the GOP first creates a villain, just to make themselves look good, so they can lay the "footings to block (their opponents) legislative priorities:"
Nass spokesman Mike Mikalsen said Nass believes Vos sought to portray the three senators as untrustworthy and difficult to work with in order to lay footings to block Senate legislative priorities.

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