Saturday, August 22, 2009

Velleco Advocates Armed Audiences around Presidential Town Halls. Still think these Guys aren't Crazy?

Did you wanna know just how crazy the NRA open carry crowd really is?

MSNBC's Chris Matthews probes the sick paranoid mind of John Velleco of Gun Owners of America. Velleco believes, absolutely, president Obama would be just fine in an auditorium filled with gun toting citizens. Even semi-automatic rifles. Velleco believes the majority of people think like him and are fine with concealed weapons at presidential town hall meetings. Do you think like John Velleco?

When Matthews states he would like to know there are no guns on a city subway or in a movie theatre; he wouldn't mind if a cop stops someone on a city street if they had a gun, Velleco urgently observes, "Sounds like you don't want to be free." What Velleco doesn't get is freedom to him is intimidation to everyone else who has to put up with those who might use their gun in a dispute, or if they feel "threaten" in the broadest terms.

Oddly, Velleco would not answer the easy question of whether he was a birther or not. Is "no" that hard to say?

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