Saturday, August 22, 2009

GOP's Reince Priebus Rejects the Fact that Bush Caused Depression, Blames Wisconsin Governor.

WPT's Here and Now host Frederica Freyberg gets the Republican Party Chairman of Wisconsin, Reince Priebus, to chime in with his whining take on Gov. Doyle's announcement that he would not run again in 2010. Known by myself as the Barney Fife of the GOP, "Barney" Priebus' party brought down the world economy with their free market theory of deregulation. Now because of that disaster, and only a year after the crash, Priebus and fellow Republicans are blaming Democrats for the GOP's folly.

Just like health care reform protester complaints that government can't do anything right, brought about by a successful effort by anti-government Republicans who continue to blow things up, Priebus intends to use their mess against the Democratic candidates for governor. Take it away Barney...

With a name like Reince Priebus, was he sent here planet Priebus, to teach us how common sense and logic is simply a thing of the past? He's more than that. Besides being the Republican Party Chair of Wisconsin:

He's General Counsel of the Republican National Committee.

He's with the law firm Michael Best and Friedrich: recognized as the “Best Law Firm” in Wisconsin, according to readers of Corporate Report Wisconsin. More than 2,600 business leaders statewide cast their votes in this annual survey for the top businesses in Wisconsin. Priebus handles all aspects of corporate litigation, focusing on construction, including litigation arising from catastrophic underground propane and gas tank explosions; trust and estates; and government law.

Another words, he's a TRIAL LAWYER. Didn't you know, they're only bad if they defend citizens from corporate atrocities.

Believe it or not, Priebus is an Advisory Board Member, CareNet Crisis Pregnancy Center of Kenosha. God help them.

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