Saturday, August 22, 2009

Betsy McCaughey's Daily Show Appearence Forces Her to Resign

Jon Stewart's recent Daily Show interview with Betsy McCaughey should be a lesson for Meet the Press' David Gregory and any other reporter living in a fact based world. Don't let them get away with it.

When confronted, these liars and naysayers are coming up empty, incapable of point out a single fact to support their fear mongering line of BS.

But there's a positive twist and ending to this fear spreading appearence by McCaughey. Rachel Maddow has the good news. There is justice after all.

The Washington Independent:

Betsy McCaughey — an outspoken proponent of the myth that Democrats’ health care reform proposals will lead to the creation of “death panels,” as well as a former lieutenant governor of New York and adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute — has stepped down from her position as a director of Cantel Medical Corp., which bills itself as a “leading provider of infection prevention and control products in the healthcare market.”

McCaughey found herself the subject of widespread ridicule after an appearance on “The Daily Show” Thursday, during which host Jon Stewart aggressively challenged her positions on health care reform.

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