Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett Might Miss Moment to Announce Governor Run

Mayor Tom Barrett's heroism has not gone unnoticed nationwide, when he came to the aid of a woman and her child, but he shouldn't humbly hold back running for a seat he tried in vain to obtain before.

Governor Jim Doyle just announced that he is not seeking reelection. I hate to say it, but Barrett has a golden moment now to challenge the Republican candidates, take whatever momentum his heroics may have afforded him, and take the lead before the first primary debate.

Opportunism? Even though some might make that claim, a simplistic characterization, they can't deny the fact that the media will be spending the next few months speculating endlessly on every potential gubernatorial candidate living or dead.

Rachel Maddow should make the decision easier with her tribute on MSNBC.

Milwauke Journal Sentinel: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was resting at home Monday after being released from a hospital, and his brother revealed that the mayor suffered extensive injuries as he was beaten when answering a woman's cries for help.

It will be some time before Barrett even considers whether he might be interested in running for governor ... Barrett has been mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate for governor in 2010 after Gov. Jim Doyle's decision not to seek re-election to a third term. The mayor joked with Doyle that he was sorry for knocking the news of Doyle's plans off the front page of the newspapers.

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