Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Open Carry Thugs Crawl Out of the Woodwork, Take Aim at Unarmed Citizens.

At Blogging Blue, writer Partially Blue weighs in on a recent opinion by David Sirota:

David Sirota thinks that political events should be firearm-free like stadiums and schools. He has found a way to blame Republicans as threatening the rest of ‘us’ when legally wearing sidearms as they protest government policies. Well, that is what the Second Amendment is about isn’t it? The First Amendment refers to limitations upon Congress to establish certain types of laws and says that people have a right to peacefully assemble. Nothing about fear.
Well then fear is okay? This was my response:

Conservatives had a fit, arrested and ejected liberals wearing political t-shirts at Bush rallies, but bringing guns to Obama rallies is just fine. Got it. You don’t feel a little hypocritical? Where were you protesting those ejections. No where because, hell, you’re a real American. Now that we’re past the t-shirt outrage, liberal gun advocates will certainly want to bring firearms to Republican events as well. One other thing; how free is your speech when you’re talking to an armed and loaded anti-government hot head like we’ve seen at recent town halls? I have a feeling the hot head will win everytime. So much for our First Amendment rights.
Now for a few observations from comments in quotes.

"I agree with Jill's caution ... we should be cautious around people with weapons."

What a way to have a debate, heated or otherwise.

"The police need to size up those who have weapons and use their best judgment as to the threat this person may be. We don't need more laws prohibiting firearms, we need a discerning public and police force to know threats when they see them and to take effective action to prevent harm."

What the hell kind of life is that?

"Sort of like how people protesting everything Bush did were speaking truth to power but those who don't agree with HR 3200 are angry dangerous mobs."

"T-shirts or guns--it's all the same"

"There is a difference between peacefully carrying a visible holstered gun and aggressively flaunting it. It's rather like the difference between the gay couples who marched to the State Capitol last Fall"

Yea, carry a loaded weapon, intimidating everyone else who doesn't, and gay couples in a parade somehow relate to each other. This whole open carry thread is enough of a warning to take cover, stay in your homes and give our streets up to the gun toting authoritarians who never grew up enough to put their toys down.

And finally, this frightening response from a gun crazy bully. You made my case fella.

"You would likely be afraid of the hothead even if he has nothing in his hands ... They can prevent your free speech any way they can get away with it as long as they don't pose a danger. And if you are afraid of a holstered weapon simply because a man has one then you are easily intimidated and you should spend more time around men who openly carry where permitted by law."

A little advice; spend some time around women. Another example of authoritarian conservative thuggery.

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  1. Oh come on, the open carry movement is gaining steam - learn more at OpenCarry.org