Thursday, August 6, 2009

Republican Health Plan Cancels Peoples Current Plans Faster and More Completely Than Democrats

Your going to lose your insurance! Help! The news media can't get enough of their favorite scare tactic. Watch the video.

The Republicans released their health care plan on the same day the House Democrats released their last of three plans. The hit on the Democratic plan is that many will suddenly see their current insurance coverage dropped, “forcing” them to buy into the public option (losing their freedom). Let’s see how Republicans prevent this from happening:
House Republican Proposal: Who's covered: no estimates about how many additional people would be covered. Cost: Unknown. Requirements for individuals: No mandates. Requirements for employers: No mandates; small business tax credits would be offered.
Change is voluntary, just like the regulations that destroyed Wall Street. This is where the Republican plan starts kicking people off their current employer based health care plans in dramatic fashion.

Employers would be encouraged to move to "opt-out" rather than "opt-in" rules for offering health coverage.
The Democrats have nothing on the Republicans brain dead abandonment of a person’s current health insurance coverage. Republicans also don’t understand the power of buying in bulk, or purchasing health care in a large group, to gain negotiating power and bring prices down. You won’t believe this:

How you choose your health insurance: No new purchasing exchange or marketplace is proposed. Health savings accounts and flexible spending plans would be strengthened.
Health Savings accounts are catastrophic plans that “force” people to pay $7,000 to $15,000 first before the insurance companies spends one thin dime. And every year your premium will go up at least $1300. I should know, I’ve had one for 6 years. Oh yeah, Republicans think seniors will be able to buy insurance in the private market at the same rate they get in Medicare. They really don’t know what’s going on, do they?

Changes to Medicaid: People eligible for Medicaid would be allowed to use the value of their benefit to purchase a private plan.

Good luck getting the same deal.

The bottom line: Employers are discouraged from providing health coverage to employees, which would then drop everyone’s current plan faster than anything the Democrats have proposed, forcing people out of large purchasing groups so they can buy coverage alone.

Now that’s cost containment.

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