Thursday, August 13, 2009

Americans for Prosperity Okay with Higher Health Premiums Paying for Uninsured.

MSNBC Hardball's Chris Matthews gets "Americans for Prosperity" spinmeister Tim Phillips to admit he just doesn't want people to get a government sponsored health care plan for ideological reasons.

Matthews asked: "Do you want people who drive a car to have insurance?"

Phillips: "When you have health care, that's a choice that impacts yourself. Drivers insurance impacts other drivers you may have an accident with."

Matthews: "...aren't you putting the cost of your health care (in the emergency room) on somebody else's insurance, if your not insured?"

Phillips: "It's not necessarily someone else's insurance. It could impact our cost eventually. But I don't think its right though for government to be mandating health insurance, reaching into your accounts and doing that."

Matthews: "...we are forcing hospitals to foot the bill, and the hospitals put the cost onto the people who buy insurance, you know that."

Phillips: "They do put the cost on the people who buy insurance, but I don't want to see government reaching in and hitting our pocket books, and requiring them on the insurance front..."

Phillips had no come back for sky high premiums caused by the uninsured. This goes to the heart of soaring health care costs and complaints by town hall protesters. Phillips' position is to make all of us pay for those who don't have health insurance. He is playing on the idea that government is bad, which is directed at you and me because we are the government, and he doesn't want us to cover everyone while reducing costs in a large country wide pool.

He just doesn't believe in it!

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