Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arlen Specter Town Hall Filled with Passionate, Frightened and Angry Protesters Armed with Misinformation. This is what you would call a Debate?

The Liberty Counsel, who think of themselves as "A Nationwide Public Interest Religious Civil Liberties Law Firm," got the mileage they wanted out of their recent viral email originating from the FreeRepublic.com. Racism, bigotry and a visceral dislike of their own government. What a way for corporate America to make a profit.

Town hall protesters carried their email copies and quoted the supplied talking points word for word. Although it's encouraging to see people taking an avid interest and reading up on a specific subject, it would also help to have the original copy to interpret for themselves.

But you just can't blame conservatives who are hell bend on hating government for thinking that its out to get them. The town hall also showed a clueless Sen. Arlen Specter, who responded to the talking point emails brought to the event by protesters (you can see each one holding their printouts), and not the actual language and intent of the legislation. It proved Specter is clueless on the health care issues. This is what one AP article wrote: "Specter ... said he had been "impressed with the fact that people have been very well prepared." He said many have come to meetings with copies of the legislation and have cited specific provisions in their arguments." No, they were copies of the Liberty Counsel email.

There's an easy solution for Democrats when faced with the same emailed talking point questions. Simply ask the person to read the original language so everyone can decide for themselves.

You'll also notice that many of the town hall participants considered themselves "real Americans."

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