Monday, April 27, 2009

And now the NON-NEWS from the Business & Media Institute

I heard radio host Thom Hartmann interview an individual from that peaked my interest, enough to check out why he thinks liberal writing in newspapers is the reason why many papers are going out of business. Insane, you bet.What I found were alarming stories about…nothing. Big sensational headlines describing stories that were anything but shocking. Their phony outrage is a breath taking look at a desperate conservative movement looking for any reason to complain. For example:
Newsweek's Eleanor Clift Blames Capitalism for Woes Facing Obama: Columnist … attacks GOP for blaming the failure of government.
Wow. What a stunning revelation. Wouldn't you know it, a Republican pundit was surprised.
Monica Crowley, who is conservative talk show host, scoffed at Clift’s suggestion that Obama is trying to save capitalism … Crowley said. “He’s trying to nationalize health care, nationalize the energy sector, he’s done a ham-handed effort to nationalize the financial sector, federalizing education – there’s no saving capitalism going on.”
Wrong. Crowley must be unaware of how FDR saved capitalism by regulating it. Oops. Yawn. And this was my favorite incredible “outrage.”
Inhofe Warns TARP Recipients Giving to ACORN, Other Left-Wing Causes-The same left-wing groups (like ACORN) who complained that bailout companies shouldn’t be awarding bonuses to their executives, might be getting their hands on some of the bailout money according to one senator (Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla.).
The operative phrase here is “might be getting their hands on some of the bail out money.” MIGHT. It gets even funnier, in a bizarre sort of way:
The senator had sent out a press release the same day which said ACORN, Friends of the Earth, Planned Parenthood, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Conservation International Foundation, could be receiving TARP funds, at least indirectly.
“…could be receiving TARP funds, at least indirectly?” And tomorrow the world might end. You will love the reason for this fictionalized accusation:
Inhofe explained it was a media strategy necessary to mention those groups specifically to get the public’s attention and promote his amendment. “Well, the reason that we used those organizations in our press release was number one, to promote our amendment, and number two to show that, even though I can’t say it’s happening today, I suspect it is…”
Oh god please, my head is hurting. Luckily, the Business & Media Institute is on the case, making sure the most unsurprising news stories are given an edge and the kind of coverage they think they deserve.

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